MH7 Thermostat flow not working 😭


Have you ever had any issues with a device that would not run a flow?

I have a MCO Home thermostat (MH7 Thermostat) which works fine on its own however.

if I add a flow to turn on the thermostat AND open a valve it would not work at all. All the devices work on their own properly and I can add them to other flows, my only issue is with the MCO Home thermostat.

Any ideas how to solve it? Thank you!

I don’t have the option „open a valve“. Does it makes sense?
The valve opens automatically when you set a temperature in the THEN section and the real temperature is less than the temperature you set. The mode must be set to „Manual“.

I can open the valve with Qubino relay. :slight_smile: The point is that the flow is not running when I’m using MCO MH7 thermostat. Flows are working fine with other devices but nothing with MCO.

This is a really simple flow. i use, but not working at all.

I am very confused.

The valve is opened and closed by a motor. It depends on the set/actual temperature and the mode of the thermostat if the valve is opened or closed.
Why do you use a Qubino device as well?

It is true that you can control the thermostats through Qubino devices (or Fibaro etc.). However, this does not require a floor heating thermostat.

If you have connected the MCO and the Qubino unit to one thermostat, then 2 units control the valve at the same time.


What happens if you switch the MCO Home Thermostat from OFF mode to MANUAL mode via the display?

EDIT: I tried it out by myself. The Flow works only when the MCO Home Thermostat is set to AUTO mode, MANUAL mode does not work.

The Thermostat is not connectected physically the valves, thats why i need to use the Qubino for turn on the valves or turn off. But the flows not runing at all with these devices… :confused:

Thats why noting happend when MCO Home Thermostat is turn off or set manual or whatever.

Ok, understand. So you use it only for measuring the temperature and the humidity in the room?

Nevertheless the flow should work when you set the MCO thermostat to AUTO mode.
The MCO Home Thermostat does not need to be physically connected to the valve. The Flow/Homey only checks if the setting on the thermostat has changed.

Please try it with the AUTO mode.

EDIT: I guess that the AUTO mode only works if the set target temperature is higher than the actual temperature.

General question: How do you want to control the temperature of the floor heating?
Qubino relay on / valve open when the temperature in the room drops below a certain temperature?
Qubino relay off / valve closed when the temperature in the room exceeds over a certain temperature?