@Otter I’ll take a look on that report, thanks!

Redarding energy consumption, it does not give good mesurements and values shown are accumulated. I’ve done some tests and results are not so good (I’ve external measurement installed to compare). Hope Mitsubishi solves this on future updates to Melcloud plattform.

@RobFlu, the problem with horizontal swing is on Melcloud function not on the app. Try to do it directly on Melcloud and you will have same problem. When horizontal swing is activated, vertical is reset.

Hi Gerard. Hope you are doing well. Just a question on the functionality of your melcloud app. Is there a way to include the “Nightmode” (Silent Mode) and probably also the Economy Mode of the Mitsubishi AirCons into the options within the Homey Flows? Setting the fan speed to 1 is I think not the same (since the lights do not dim and I have the feeling the fan speed is still higher than in night mode). Or is there any other option. Thanks a lot for your help.

To add to above, it would be great to have an option for i-see activation (direct / indirect modes) in vane control section. Not sure if it’s even possible since the native melcloud app does not have these options, but who knows, maybe they are covered by cloud API…

Hi, I had properly used my MelCloud app. But when I change my phone ( from iphone 8 to iphone 12) Building List is empty. I try to reset everthying and start from beginning. After pairing always is empty.
I wonder if you can help me what to do. Also I try with registration new Equipment but it was same. Is there some tutorial for this occasions?

Hi @Gerard_Ricart
Thank you for making this app! But I can’t get the “Forced Hotwater” to function with my Ecodan. I’ve also tried setting the operation mode to DHW-Heating. I can get the temperatures and also set the target temperature of the DHW-tank so the connection seems to work fine. I can force the hotwater from the official MelCloud-app. Do you have any ideas why it doesn’t work?

I found out that it works if i click on the device, swipe right and select “Forced Hot Water” in the dropdown and then click the icon underneath. But I can’t get it to work from a flow. If you plan to update the app I’ve found some more issues and also have a couple of ideas. I miss a trigger for when the operation mode changes to any mode. But as a workaround I’ve found out that it was possible to use “Operation mode changed to legionella” as it seems to trigger on every change. It would also be nice to not only be able to set the temperature of the tank but also get the current value. I’ll be glad to help you with testing if you want :slight_smile:

Dear @HakanBergstrom any suggestion will be welcomed! Nowadays I do not have to much time, but I can try to improve things in free time. Regarding tank temp is there (caption)

Best way to post suggestions or bugs is on github:

Hi Gerard! I meant the max temperature of the DHW tank, the one you can set from a flow but only read from the settings. I don’t have very much experience in developing apps for homey but I’m trying to get a grip of your code and see if I maybe can find the issue with the Forced Hotwater working from UI but not from a flow. I’ll let you know if I find anything :slight_smile:

@Gerard_Ricart can you add a card: tank temperature. As in:
For example:

IF: tank temperature is below ‘x’ degrees celsius
THEN: force hot water

Hi @Gerard_Ricart,there was a firmware update for MELcloud wifi module. Now frequency doesn’t work

I will try to find time this holidays to try to find what changed on melcloud update.

Anything more than freq doesn’t work? I don’t have ecodan, so any indication on what does not work will be helpful.

Hi Gerard,

I thought I’ll try to restart the app maybe that will get everything going, and it did! Every parameter works agai so false alarm :wink:

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I have a Mitsubishi Kaiteki 6600. This model has independent left and right vanes. Currently these can only be controlled independently using the remote, Melcloud only support moving them in sync. This also means that the Melcloud Homey app won’t be able to control the independently either - which is unfortunate, but understandable.

However, if I use the Homey app to change the fan speed, this also causes the two vanes to be aligned. If I change the fan speed from within Melcloud, the vanes are left as they were, so it is possible to only adjust the fan speed.

Would it be possible to make the Homey app able to control fan speed without affecting the vane positions?

Im in Australia, I have a MAC-568IF-E, and I was wondering if there is anyway to get my device to work with Homey?

Im a novice and so a bit unsure, but i think i have worked out that:

  1. The MAC-568IF-E is programmed out of the box to only connect with the Australian server called MelView (not MelCloud).
  2. there is no Homey app for MelView

Can anyone tell me:

  1. is there anyway to connect my MAC-568IF-E to MelCloud (european server)?
  2. if I buy a MAC-567IF-E, will it connect to a european server if it is located in Australia?

Or, in my wishful thinking, is it possible for someone to make a MelView app for homey or change the MelCloud Homey app to view Melview devices?

any help or advice would be greatly apprecaited!

thank you

Hi @RobFlu and @Gerard_Ricart, this commit fixes the issue: Fix Horizontal Vane Change · XattSPT/com.melcloud@a033ead · GitHub

I’m considering bying a heat pump from Mitsubishi and researching this app. I’m a bit worried that last update to git repo was 2 years ago, with open PRs and issues. So I’m worried this app will not be maintained in the future.

But then I see @OlivierZal and a few others maintaining more active forks. @Gerard_Ricart have you considered giving Oliver and other active contributors commit/merge access to your repository, and karma to release new versions to Homey appstore? Having 2-3 people as maintainers would ensure that contributions are picked up and bugs fixed. I’ll maybe be able to contribute once I bump into issues myself.

I have not installed the app, but have a question. Will this app report Heat Pump’s energy consumption (Watts) to Homey? If not I’ll need to plan for adding a power meter to the electrical outlet…

I see that the app ownership has transferred to Olivier on the app page. Can you write a few words here about what is happening, and future plans? Will the open issues in Issues · XattSPT/com.melcloud · GitHub be carried over to the fork etc? I’m interested in support for current energy consumption, to get a true picture of what in my house consumes energy right now.