Matter Devices Stopped Working


I am having a very odd issue. As of about 2am today all of my Matter devices just stopped working on my Homey Pro. I have Linkied BR30s and E26 bulbs as well as a Matter enabled Third Reality Nightlight. They were all working fine at 1am but after 2am they all stopped working with my Homey Pro. I am getting Error 300 time out on all devices. Even my Yale Smartlock (with Homey it works in Yale with no issue) and my Nest Doorbell stopped working at the same time.

I have tried to repair one of the bulbs and its found and appears successful for the Android pairing portion of setting up the Matter device however Homey then gives the error that adding it to Homey failed and I need to try again.

The Yale Smartlock repairing goes through the repair setup and I sign in and it then tells me 401 forbidden. The Nest Doorbell was able to repair successfully though.

Did anyone else have an issue with all devices stop working all at the same time like this?

I have same problem with Eve Motion

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Same here Eve socket

The same thing happened to me this morning with my Eve Motion blinds. Did you find a solution to your problem? They were working fine last night but now all of them only get timeout. Have tried to repair within Homey but no result.