Manual switching of Everspring AN157-2 Socket Switch is not detected by Homey

I am new with Homey but not with Fibaro, which I use for several years now and before that I was a Vera user. I am now switching over to Homey because of the possibility to use other protocol like trådfri and Hue without the use of third party bridges.

When I manually change the status of my Everspring AN157-2 socket switch it is not detected by my Homey.

What do I have to do to make it working

Did you manage to add this device to Homey? Mine is not detected


How did you manage to add the device? Mine are also not detected

Just by adding the app Everspring and including the switches as shown in the app.
However when changing the status of the Everspring switch using its on/off switch, the change of status is still not shown in the Homey app.