Make a flow into a device

The app for galaxy watch is very limited. It only shows the favorite devices. And can only turn on and off, no dimming. I figured i could make flows that increase or decrease by 10%. But the watch does not show favorite flows. Is there a app to turn a flow into a viritual device?

Is the app on apple watch any better than galaxy watch?

Yes, there is:
Add a device by: add device - choose Homey - add a virtual button or switch:

Flows started by this button or switch can be added to favourite devices.

For more possibilities, you might also want to look at the app “Virtual Devices”:

Only for Homey Pro; not Bridge.

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For triggering a single flow you would normally use the “button” type

If you have a on and a off flow you can ise the “switch” type.
But be aware it behaves like a switch. So if the switch is on you can only trigger the Off flow. You can not trigger the on flow when the switch is on.

Another advantage of using virtual devices for flows:
For devices you can see in which flows they are used (for flows you cant).
So if you use a virtual device instead of “when this flow is started” card, all your flows can be traced.