Low ram , it only restores after performing a backup

I own Homey Pro 2019, and I’ve noticed that the ram tends to deplete completely over time. It starts at 25% and gradually decreases throughout the day until it reaches 1%. I have uninstalled around ten apps, restarted, and even disconnected the power (for up to an hour), but the memory doesn’t increase and continues to decrease relentlessly. I’ve noticed that in the app table displaying their ram usage, there’s an entry called ‘other’ that weighs nearly 70 MB! I found a way to bring the ram back to 25%, but I don’t understand why. Whenever I perform a backup of the device, the ram returns to 25%, all the entries in the list significantly reduce their memory usage, and the ‘other’ entry disappears completely. However, throughout the day, the ram keeps decreasing, and everything goes back to how it was. I really can’t figure out why the memory only restores after a backup and why it fills up in this manner. Does anyone have any ideas regarding this issue?

  1. Does it have 512MB or 1GB RAM (shouldn’t matter though)?
  2. What problems do you encounter, performance wise?
    Or are you just concerned about the numbers when digging through the memory stats?
  1. Which apps did you uninstall?
    (And which app you still have installed should show at my last question.)
  1. Where do you get the x% values from? Normally the RAM is present in MB, exept for https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/system #freememhuman

  2. Can you show memory usage of every app the last 24 h?
    Like this (enable ‘Experiments → Power user’ if you haven’t already):

  3. What’s the system memory usage for the last 24h?

  4. How does the memoryoverview look after startup, and when the available memory has dropped to 1% as you call it?

Oh, no clue what “Other” is, it’s mostly around 40MB, but just now it is -18 MB :blush:

Hello Peter! First of all, thank you for the response, I really appreciate it :muscle:t4:

  1. I have 1 GB RAM
  2. I noticed that Homey was less responsive than usual.
  1. These are the apps that I have uninstalled: Spotify, Google Chromecast,Eufy Security, Bosch-Siemens Home Connect, VThermo, Music Url Converter, Xiaomi Mi Home, HTTP request flow cards, ESP Easy, Color Tools, Flow Event Bus. Maybe there were others, but I don’t remember :smiley: Despite having uninstalled these apps and having restarted Homey, I didn’t notice significant changes regarding the RAM, as it continued to show me a low value.
  1. I obtain the percentage value through the SysInternals app, which is the same value that can be derived from Homey Developer Tools.
  1. Here are the screenshots of the RAM.

  1. System memory usage
  1. This is the situation when the RAM drops to 1% and I have less than 10MB of free memory (I’m sorry, but I just realized that I didn’t include the latest apps :expressionless: ).

And this is the situation after performing the backup. RAM is only freed up in this way. If I restart Homey or remove its power, upon reboot, the RAM does not increase.

Indeed, I noticed that the “Other” category does not disappear as I mentioned earlier :sweat: (“Other” in Italian is translated as “Altro”).

Let me know if you need any further information!


Thats pretty low (which makes many of us a bit jealous)!
My Homey for instance uses much more:

Nothing wrong with them. They shouldn’t use over 40MB. Above 60MB is problematic, and apps above 80MB get killed by Homey.

Can you show it including the memory graph?

Just a reboot should have a similar effect, but compared to a fresh start situation, memory usage grows on all Homey’s.
And it regulates itself (memory gets cleared also during the night f.i.)

Sure, as soon as the memory drops again to 1%, I will take a new screenshot including the graph.

Often, the memory decreases when I install/modify some apps that I have created or simply when I modify/create Advanced Flows, but especially when I restart Homey. It is normal for the RAM to be low immediately after restarting, but unfortunately, the situation does not change over time. In fact, it continues to decrease. As usual, the memory is only freed up when I perform a backup, but I would like to be able to free it up with a simple reboot, like everyone else.

I just restarted Homey with 17% available RAM. Now it’s below 10%, and it keeps fluctuating downward.

Opera Snapshot_2023-05-15_165657_my.homey.app

Ah I see now.
I think it’s best to contact Support | Homey as well, maybe they can discover something in the diagnostic report.

This is my memory graph now, but it doesn’t show the “x MB free of…” part.
It also looks innocent, while I’ve almost no free RAM


(I’m always near zero with my memory usage)

Now it’s at 4%. I confirm that the largest memory loss occurs after a reboot.

Opera Snapshot_2023-05-15_171431_my.homey.app

Forgot to mention:
Start in recovery and perform a “Full software download”.
This solved several strange phenomenons and can’t hurt.

This is a solution I hadn’t thought of! Thank you, Peter. I’ll try it right away!

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Good morning Peter, I tried performing both a soft and hard recovery, but nothing worked. The RAM doesn’t restore itself when I restart Homey. At this point, I will contact technical support, although I have the feeling that it won’t solve much. Thanks again for your help! :muscle:t4:

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