Looking for presence simulation based on past real behaviour

I just installed the 2023 Homey Pro and created first flows for lighting and shutters/blinds.

What I really want to do is create a presence simulation based on actual behaviour. So i want to log all states / actions for all the lights. If I am not home, I would like Homey to recall the real actions from 7 days ago and replay the exact actions.

If I am not home today and Light1 was switched on at 18:23 7 days ago, it should switch on at 18:23 today.

Is there anyone with experience or ideas on how to achieve this?
Thank you very much.

Try the Zone Memory App for Homey | Homey app!

Thank you Peter for the pointer.
I looked into that. My understanding is that if I would like to save every minute, I would have to create a flow for every minute of the day to save it as a scene.
Do I not yet understand the capabilities of Zone Memory App or is there a better way / another app?

For me this is exactly no presence simulation!
I guess you don’t switch the Light1 at exactly the same time on, like the week before. And this is the same with the other lights and the shutters. Normally such actions are more or less random (in a certain period of time). When you turn on a light usually depends on the brightness and less on the time.
But as I said, this is my idea of a simulation.

The Zone Memory app is not helpful for this use case. Have a look at the Advanced Scheduler app and the related topic, I think it fits better for your use case:

However, if you want to create your own flows and save times, I recommend the Better Logic Library app and the related topics:

What is the reason you want to do this?
Is it for safety reasons? (Burglar)

Then consider this:
If somebody takes the time to monitor your house and notice that you are not at home…
They have already targeted hour house and they will also find out even with fancy simulations.

Most burglary is just occasion, they come by and see an opportunity. Fancy presence simulations will not make a difference in that case either…

So before spending lots of time on complex presence simulation (that is also error-prone) think about it.

My house lights are switched unrelated to if I am home or not.
Morning: on at fixed times, off at lux level
Evening: on at lux level, off at fixed time
(Scheduler app is great for it)

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Does it matter?

I interpret that as a hint, not a recommendation, correct?
But I (personally) can’t agree with that.
A smart home gateway like Homey is also useful for such requirements, among other things. Otherwise, you could also buy old analog or digital timers for a fraction of the cost and use them to switch lights.
And, it makes a lot of fun to create complex flows.

Sure, its a consideration anyone should do as they like best.
Sometimes we get too enthusiast about what we can do with homey and forget the simple solutions :wink:

Thank you @DirkG for the recommendations.
Since I am still new to this, it will take some time to understand all the possibilities, but I will keep you updated with solutions, if I find any.

@FKey : It is just what I try to do, because (I hope) it is fun and I believe it could make my life easier.