Logout oauth2

I am trying to implement a logout function using the homey-oauth2app in a Homey app. The documentation isn’t clear on this, and I can’t find relevant Homey-specific guidance.

Has anyone here dealt with this before? Any advice or resources would be appreciated.


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With oauth, you just get an access token. You can’t logout.
You can remove the access/refresh token. Then you will get an access error on next API call.
It it what you want?

You can take a look at the API documentation if such a function is provided. I haven’t used it before.
Perhaps this one setting a blank token.

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Yes, I can remove the access/refresh token. But then I will only get unauthorized API responses, and the user does not have the possibility to login again I think.

This re-auth should be done via repair view.
You are using the repair function similar to pair function showing the login popup.