Logitech Pop Button

Has anyone had any experience with integrating these buttons with Homey, could see them being very useful.
Buttons can register a single, double or long press and can then trigger events within the Pop app, or IFTT etc.
Integration to Homey would be super useful.
They seem to use a Bluetooth protocol.
More details here: https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/pop-smart-button

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Homey and my Harmony Elite / Hub work great together… well, at least one way. I really really really would like to see Athom to work with Logitech. Simply to add the Homey as an Home control device within the Logitech software will unlock all Homey has to offer to my Harmony remote and the ability to use the home control (domotica) buttons on the remote.

Logitech’s wireless pretty is flawless, and getting the G703 and G903 allows for Powerplay Wireless Charging compatibility in the future, so maybe down to ergonomic vs ambidextrous.

for long time art work i also use a wireless drawing tablet. Since I am illustrating a lot in Illustrator and drawing frame by frame in Photoshop.

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