Logica folder

When will it be possible tot sorting the logica folder?

No one knows. As a workaround, like I do with Zone naming, you can use leading numbers. Like 001ZwaveCounter, 047AlteredTemp, 103KaKuStatus

Are there more people annoyed by the Homey app update (of March 10) in which the column width of the variables on the Logic page changed?
See this screenshot as example how variable names are cut off quite a lot:

Try the new (v6.6.0 beta) version.

Die beta heb ik, maar… ik heb hetzelfde dingetje.
Hoe ziet dat er bij jou uit dan, Jan?

In de web app gaat het iets beter:

Het kán dus wel…

Use shorter names ! :wink:

I have a large number of variables and, although naming schemes help for sorting, what would be really useful would be folders, just like with flows.