Log any flow

Im looking for a way to log some info when ever a flow (any flow) is started… but I’m not seeing anything like that in the docs… or am I just missing it?

Might this app be useful for you?

With this app you can manually log any event you like.

I’m looking for a way to do this in code using the SDK :slightly_smiling_face:

The SDK can’t access flows from other apps, you need the Web API for that.

But from what I can see, there’s no event or something similar that gets triggered when a flow is started.

I tested with that some time ago, but even then (AFAIK) manager:flow won’t show triggered flows, only information from flows started by the test button are shown:

If anyone knows a solution for that please tell!

Ah… I see… I was kind of hoping that something like this would have worked…

Homey.Manager.on('*', (event, flow) => this.log(flow.id))

or perhaps

Homey.manager('flow').on('*', (event, flow) => this.log(flow.id))

But no luck :stuck_out_tongue: