Livestream ipcam on tv using chromecast

Hello everybody,
I am going to buy some IPcams and those are compatible with Google Assistent.
But now I have already a Dahua ipcam (Wifi, IMOU app en SmartPSS on notebook) and I also want to view the livestream on my tv using chromecast.
My questioin: is it possible using homey, chromecast to see the livestream on my tv?
Thanks very much
Grz from Belgium

Well, if we are talking about the Chromecast app for Homey, it supports casting a video by giving its URL. Whether your chromecast will understand that camera’s stream URL is a different question.

What you could possible do as workaround is cast a website url to your chromecast which embedds the camera’s video stream.

However, the video will in no case be passed through Homey directly.

Thx. And where can I find the correct URL?

Well, that is very device specific. If you are lucky you could maybe find it in a manual. You will most likely have to google it up or investigate yourself.

And just an URL or do I also need an API key?

The Chromecast app only takes an URL as arguement. If there is a key needed and can be passed as query parameter of the URL it would work. If the API key needs to be sent in the request header, then you are in bad luck. That is not possible.

In short: The URL must be a public accessible source

Something like this?

ysés. But I don’t know if chromecast can read that as video directly

I´ve found a RTSP link that works in VLC media player. So, that is one thing that works. Now looking for a method to cast that url to my TV using my chromecast.

Thx in advance for the help.

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