Cast rtsp stream to google hub


Does anyone know a way to cast a rtsp stream from my surveillance station to the google hub? The stream works fine in vlc but the hub won’t take it as video or website. I found a vague docker program to transform the stream to something castable but im not sure thats the way to go.

In the end i want to make a button (virtual switch) that starts a flow that cast’s the camera stream to the hub. I’ve done this already for a webpage with a webcam stream wich works fine.

Any idea’s?

Hi Rick

Did you receive an answer or sort it out? I also would like to live stream my (Hikvision) camera’s to a Google Hub. Does anyone know if this is possible or got it working?

That’s exactly how it should be done. The hub does not support the stream so u have to convert it first. VLC can handle the stream so that’s why it’s playing there fine.
Homey is not capable of converting the stream!

I know this is an old post, but I can’t figure it out… I have een Foscam VD1 doorbell, also added to my NAS surveillance. I have a RTSP url and can play this in VLC, but when I want to stream to my Google Home it won’t work! I have tried to convert tot Mpeg, I only get the chromecast logo om my Google Home. I think there is something I’m doing wrong in the converting?? Anyhow, I have a NAS, dooorbell and Google Home, what is the best way tot get the stream om my Google Home in the hallway???