List with all devices, connect strength and more stats


Im new to homey and yesterday when i was trying to learn how The Mobile app works I somehow found a list of all my connected devices, with connection strength, batterilevels and so on.

But today i cant find that list? Can someone help me how to find it again?

Kindly regards

If you go to, choose the devices on the left, and pick the list view in the top, you get the list. However, signal strength is not in there as there is no generic capability for that. Way too many signal types to choose from :wink:

In the mobile app I haven’t seen an overview like you describe…
Maybe you have an app for something which shows that kind of view. You could check all apps until that overview is shown.
Goto …More>Apps. Hit an app and hit “Configure app”. Then it could be the overview is shown at a point.

You can view the list with battery levels in the Energy section of the app by taping on the battery symbol in the top right.
I’ve not seen any list of signal strength.