Inventory and connection management?

What are people using for inventory management? Homey doesn’t appear to do a good job of letting me know where all my kit is actually installed, and how it is wired up.

My devices are labelled fairly obviously and organised into zones by location so I’ve not had much need for this despite having 100+ physical devices. But if you go into the settings on any device in the Homey app there’s a notes field you can use for general notes.

The one key thing I want to know about all my battery devices is what type of batteries they use and how many. Homey does a great job of this right out of the box via More > Batteries.

What about photos, serial numbers and so on? I’ve got lots of relays which are in different locations from the lights they control, and the switches are wired into them. Text notes don’t appear to be able to describe that richly enough to maintain it. So I’m looking for an external product to help me.