Limited number of flows to start in a row

Good afternoon,

Are there more people who have experienced that only a limited number of flows can start in a row.

What happens to me is that if i turn on my living room lights (6 lights zigbee) for example, i can only do that 4 times before everything freezes for a minute.
So if someone goes down the stairs in my house (3 motion detectors that control a flow) and I want to switch on the living room lighting and close the blinds, then nothing works for a minute (approximately).

What is interesting is that I can start a flow that turns 1 lamp on or off and it then works 12 times. But if I turn that lamp on and off directly via the app, it continues to work endlessly.

I use a homey bridge. And I’m very curious if this is also the case with a homey pro?

Gr Hans Rosing

I already said in your other thread about the same subject that it sounds like Athom is rate limiting requests.

Have you heard back from Athom support?

no, haven’t heard of it yet. sent 2 messages to support and notified the beta topic in the app.

I thought it was just about pushing buttons (as I mentioned in the other topic). But the problem is flows in general. now i’m thinking about buying a homey pro and returning the bridge, but i don’t know if this problem is also in the pro…?

The Pro probably won’t have this particular problem.

The pro does have some protection that if a flow runs a lot of times within seconds it will pause the flow, thinking it may have an endless loop. But his happens after a lot more steps in my experience, and it needs to be in a very short period, so it never posed a problem for me. It only happened to me when I created stupid flows, so it was more protecting myself than hindering me.

Homey limits time line notifications sooner though. But the flow will run, it will just not display the notification to protect the timeline.

I have the same issue. Any updates from support?

So far no answer other than “send me the flow and I’ll test it” the case lies with Bas (Athom).

What I have done so far is replace my internet connection with another router. to be sure.
I also turned off all flows in my homey except 1 simple flow.

The problem persists and bothers me.

The support sends an email after 1 day that they are going to look at it and after that you hear nothing for a few weeks. Last Saturday someone promised me to look at it, but he hasn’t come back. i feel like its a matter of learning to live with the problem, or buy a homey pro.

This is the anser from athom. I dont know what its for. after 3 weeks of waiting this answer is not very satisfing. Iam send my homey bridge flop back to athom.

Hi Hans,

Pressing the button multiple times does not dim the lighting, you can create a flow with short and long pressing the button for different dim levels.

With larger flows simultaneously controlling multiple devices, we recommend adding slight delays between each device to increase stability.

Best Regards,


The Athom support team.

A real anser from homey this time.

Hi Hans,

There are rate limits in place to maintain server stability, when using a flow controlling multiple devices in quick succession you can experience this. You should be able to run such a flow several times, without having this issue, but because all users in the new Homey are running their Homes and flows through cloud servers they need to be protected from excessive looped flows.

With a Homey(Pro) such limitations are much less noticeable because of the local functionality of a Homey Pro. In that case only the Homey(Pro) will protect itself sometimes when cpu/memory usage exceed limitations or queues in commands are building up.

I trust that this answers your question, which is why I’m closing your ticket. If you need additional support, please feel free to re-open your ticket by answering this email.

I wish you a great new years celebration and a lot of fun with Homey!

Best Regards,


The Athom support team.