Lights on doesnt work

Hi, i have an easy Flow, but it dont works. I want that the lights goes on after the sun is down and before grows in the Morning and the motion detector alarm. Without sundown rule, the lights goes on. Where is my mistake?

The rule “it is between sunset and sunrise” is never true, because you mean the sunrise of the next day. Replace this rule with “it is not between sunrise and sunset”

Die Regel „es ist zwischen Sonnenuntergang und Sonnenaufgang“ ist nie wahr, weil Sie den Sonnenaufgang des nächsten Tages meinen. Ersetzen Sie diese Regel durch „es ist nicht zwischen Sonnenaufgang und Sonnenuntergang“

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Das ist eine gute Idee. Werde es testen. Danke

Missing owner name bug?

Is this a German topic?

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Hi, no. I want to use multilanguage to get more help. Is this not the correct categorie?

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Nop, this is English,
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Hint: add a timeline card in the ELSE part, with f.e. the message “Bad bewegung An, aber es war tag”.
You then can look up when your flow actions were allowed to fire, and when they were not.

BTW Homey has an internal conditional ‘And’ card with “it is daytime”. When you invert it, it turns into “it is nighttime”.
It follows the actual sunset and sunrise times

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