Light scenario fade? how?

hi i want to make a light scenario that fades between different colors.
just like many original apps have for their light-strips or lights-bulbs.
but as this feature does not exist in homey
i need to make a flow for this … any tips?

yes what I also wonder …
there is to set random color but you solve it with time?
for example, to change every minute until you choose to switch off.

That is possible with the app Chronograph, transitions. Here´s an example I made. With the mathjs functions round() & random() combined, you can trigger a random number, within a range, to set a random color at every transition step: {{round(random(0.01,0.99),2)}}
This example returns a random number between 0.01 and 0.99 with max 2 digits after the .

Too fast doesn’t work very well, f.i. every second an other color. You have to fiddle a bit with the best number of transitions in a timeframe.
But once every 15 secs should work fine I guess, so 1 minute should be fine.

The Spline app is an other option to consider.

Example of my ColorChanging light: