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Athom does not have a working google home integration skill for Homey yet, so I’m using IFTTT to accept commands like “Bedroom lights on”, “Nighttime mode”, etc. That is working great, except that I don’t seem to set light levels in a Homey flow to a specific variable.

Within IFTTT I can setup ingredients, so that if I would say “Bedroom lights xxx percent” a Homey flow would start (BedroomLights) with a tag that holds the xxx value. However, the dimmable light devices within Homey have a slider and no textbox where you can drag a tag into.

Is there a workaround for this?

Drag the tag upon the slider and u’ll be amazed!

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That’s the first thing I tried, but it is not working. I’m using the Homey desktop app. The flow starts with an IFTTT “when” that holds 3 variable tags (var 1, var2, var 3). Var 1 should contain the percentage. I drag this to the “Set forced brightness” slider of a dimmer in the “then shape” but only see the circle with diagonal line icon displayed and that’s not really amazing me yet :slight_smile:

What am I doing wrong here?

Can u try a Chrome browser to check if that works? And maybe try a number variable?

Can you reach homey settings with a browser as well? I’m always using either the Homey desktop application or the Homey Preview app on my phone. Did not know it was possible using chrome as well?

I don’t think I can change the variable types for the “On IFTTT Event” card. It simply has 3 variables on it.

Just type ur IP or go to
Never used the desktop app.

Lol, didn’t know that. Tnx for pointing that out. Funny thing is that at the login screen it displays a warning “Browsers are not supported. Please use the Homey Desktop app” but it indeed looks and works exactly the same. Unfortunately that’s also true for the variable not being able to drag to the slider.

But I think your right and it is a type mismatch. I can drag a number tag from my tags list to the slider. The variables on the “On IFTTT event card” are all green.

Would there be a way to parse that value to a number and use that further on in the flow?

And use dim level in the 0-1 range…

1 way could be :
Make a number variable with the Better Logic app.
Use the “execute mathjs. expression” card. Drag ur green card to the left of that card and type the name of the numbervariable u just made in the right.


Hi, sorry for my delayed response, just wanted to say thanks, this indeed works!

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Very nice! :+1:

Has anyone gotten this to work on Homey 2.0? I can’t assign the IFTTT string so the brightness level of a light. I’ve also tried adding a Number Variable to Better Logic, but I can’t assign the String sent through IFTTT to it. It seems to be a type mismatch. Any way around this?

And u did try the option i gave a few posts up?

Sorry, I glossed over the part about using the math.js-card, not the regular one. It works now, after dividing by 100. Thanks

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