Light intensity

I would like to enable my PIR sensor dependent on the light intensity. Currently i’m using time (sunrise / sunset) as the enabler, but sometime you have a “dark” day and would be able then to enable the sensor on such a day as well. Is there any app for that? Or would it be able to get this data from the web (eg a weather site)?

I use a separate lux meter for that purpose.
Because weather site info is too general I think.

Hmm…good idea, meanwhile i have done it using “weather forecast”…let’s see what it gives. Which lux meter are you using?

I use this one

I also have Aqara motion sensors, which send the lux value along with motion events.
Which works fine in a busy room, but in a little used room, with like, just 4 or 5 motion events a day, it is one motion event too late to let Homey know it’s current lux value.

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My Aqara motion sensor has a lightsensor built in:

Like KAWA wrote it updates only when motion is detected. But if you only lights to go when there is motion AND it’s dark this will work:

According to the solution I guess you want to create a flow that acts only on the PIR sensor, if it is “dark”.
I did not find a way to activate or de-activate a hardware tool, at least not with the tools / sensors I have.

Well…i have a very simple PIR sensor (from ikea) and a light on which i have attached a shelly 1. When the PIR sensor gets triggered (also during the day), i’ll check the luminance via a weather site and decide then if i switch the light on or not.