Larger companies with their own HUBs make it more difficult to connect with HOMEY

If you can add them to Homey but they are not assigned to the Aqara app, it means the Aqara app doesn’t support them and the device is added as a generic Zigbee device (with limited support, only useful for lights or smart plugs).

Question: will brands that support Matter make devices more compatible with Homey (in the near future?) and less dependent on their own hubs?

Thanks for feedback Robert. These are aqara smart plugs.

aqara wont let me add them withlut an aqara hub, so Ive been trying to get around that integrating other hubs into aqara (ie. Philips, and Matter codes). No dice though.

A bit strange though (for me as a Homey n00b) that the aqara devices can be added, kind of managed and gives details directly via Homey.