L&S Emotion Lights Zigbee

I have a new kitchen with some lights from L&S. I bought the emotion driver and homebase(zigbee 3.0).

With quite some problems i managed to get my three lightning groups into the homebase and paired it with a Philips Hue Hub. The three lightning groups were imported but 2 of these groups don’t work in the Hue App. The third lightning group does work, but includes all three lightning groups. This way i can operate only all the lights, but unfortunately not seperate. After this i should be able to import these lights into Homey.

The L&S emotion lights came with a four channel remote controller. You have to pair the lights from the driver into the remote. At this point i am stuck. I only am able to get all the light into the remote, but no individually.

Because i have seen some topics where the question was if you could use the L&S lights with Homey(answer is YES😁) i made this new topic. I am aware it is a little bit of topic.

The L&S driver with Home base

The 4-channel remote control

A driver which was also available, but i am not sure if i have to use it

I searched this forum and googled a lot. Watched some Youtube videos from L&S and contacted L&S themselves, but i don’t get any response from them.

I hope someone can help

Anyone a solution?

Looking for a solution too. Was able to find out it uses standard zigbee


Hey, anyone is using it with Homey?

regards Helle

Hi All,

TLDR:- Each Emotion LED driver of a “group” of lights needs to be set as a “Master” for it to be controllable via the home base.

I have FINALLY had some success with these L&S Emotion lights… I thought I should share, in the hope it helps others…

We have 3x ED 12/30-1 Emotion Drivers each controlling a light strip or pair of lights. We also have 3x 1-Channel Emotion remote controls for each light and an L&S Emotion Home base (Zigbee 3.0)

Each remote controls one driver which in turn switches a light. I’ve paired the remotes to the home base and can see the switches in my home automation but could only control one light… Which was the light controlled by the “master” Emotion LED Driver.

We were about the send them all back as not fit for purpose when it occurred to me that I didn’t have 1 group of lights and controllers, I had 3 groups each containing a single Emotion LED driver and a remote. So ALL my Emotion LED Drivers needed to be setup as “master” of their own little group…

Once that was done I was able to control my lights (mostly) fine via my home automation.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend the L&S setup its ridiculously over complicated and support from L&S is non-existent.


Hi Ken,

Just got the same setup on our Siematic kitchen.
Can you explain to me how i can connect the emotion home base to my Hue Bridge?
After i press the switch on the Homebase it is green for only two seconds and then turns white.
Is there something i do wrong?

kind regards,


Hi Ger,

Assuming you have already paired your light controls to the Home Base you need to press the button on the L & S Home Base for 6-11 seconds to get it into Zigbee pairing mode. Then get your Hue Bridge to look for it.

Hope that helps, good luck,


Hi Ken,

Thanks for your response.
After connecting the LED controller to the home base,and pressing the button for 8 secs it stayed green. Bridge took some time but found the home base and it works now :slight_smile:

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