L&S Emotion Lights Zigbee

I have a new kitchen with some lights from L&S. I bought the emotion driver and homebase(zigbee 3.0).

With quite some problems i managed to get my three lightning groups into the homebase and paired it with a Philips Hue Hub. The three lightning groups were imported but 2 of these groups don’t work in the Hue App. The third lightning group does work, but includes all three lightning groups. This way i can operate only all the lights, but unfortunately not seperate. After this i should be able to import these lights into Homey.

The L&S emotion lights came with a four channel remote controller. You have to pair the lights from the driver into the remote. At this point i am stuck. I only am able to get all the light into the remote, but no individually.

Because i have seen some topics where the question was if you could use the L&S lights with Homey(answer is YES😁) i made this new topic. I am aware it is a little bit of topic.

The L&S driver with Home base

The 4-channel remote control

A driver which was also available, but i am not sure if i have to use it

I searched this forum and googled a lot. Watched some Youtube videos from L&S and contacted L&S themselves, but i don’t get any response from them.

I hope someone can help

Anyone a solution?

Looking for a solution too. Was able to find out it uses standard zigbee


Hey, anyone is using it with Homey?

regards Helle