Kostal solar panel


Can’t find any app for Kostal solar panel, is there someone in this community that have connected your Kostal solar system in Homey Pro -23?

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Hello @PerJohansson75 , I am looking for the same thing.
I have a Kostal Plenticor Plus 8.5…
Did you find out something more?

Hi @Guy_Werckx, no I havn’t found anything yet.
I have also Kostal Plenticore Plus 8.5


OK, i will try to find a developer who can help with this.

Great @Guy_Werckx :smiley: Let me then now then you have succeded

hi guys, any success implementing plenticore?

I’ve installed Solar Panels and SolarEdge+ Growatt TCP modbus, but it dosn’t work, so I have to run my heater manually.

Hi there,
is there any other news on this?


I have been looking to find a developper who can help creating an APP for Kostal Plenticore integration, but no positive feedback so far. I am wiilling to pay for the development, but nobody seems to be intrerested…

I have a older Kostal Piko 7.0
It would be great if this could be included as well
Maybe there is an integration posibility with the Kostal Solar Portal ? KOSTAL Solar Portal