KlikAanKlikUit Roller Shutter

Hi All

I’m a newbie to Homey, so I hope You’ll forgive me if my questions are stupid.

I’m curious to know if it is possible to combine the :

KlikAanKlikUit Roller Shutter - https://klikaanklikuit.nl/product/schakelaar-voor-zonwering/

and any universal tubular motor like this - 25mm Tubular Motor 110V 220V Automatic Electric Roller Blinds Shutter Motor for 38mm Tube Tuya Smart Home Wifi Curtain Switch|Automatic Curtain Control System| - AliExpress

and make this work with Homey, when I install the KlikAanKlikUit app ?

Hope this makes sense :0)

Thanks for Your help and advice.


In Homey it is ony relevant if the devices can be connected to Homey via one or more Apps, so, search if there is an App for the KaKu-switch and search for a (tuya) App for the motor. If both are available, then they can be ‘combined’.

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I use the KaKu ASUN-650 with Homey. There is a KlikAanKlikUit app for Homey. You can use it manually or make flows.

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And the Not for this Community relevant part of the question you ask:

I Don’t see how, and if you ask that you probably need an electrician!

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