Experiences Electrical shade (through Ball-cord)

Hi all,

i currently have roller-shades (rolgordijnen) made specifically for our size windows. since these are stick on- rather than drilled (plastic windows), i don’t want to mount the known motors. i noticed they also have a device that mororizes the shades through the traditional ball cable. is this something anyone has done before, and can this system communicate with homey?


As you would probbely know, it need a homey to work with homey.

What sort of protocol it usses? Guess 433?

It doesn’t tell on Ali. But since it says it is being controlled directly from a smartphone app, it’s probably wifi.

unfortunately it doesnt say nor do i have one to check it out. i’m still researching what to buy. i could buy one and test, but i prefer not to throw money in the trashbin if not required.

i’d say so. but i cant find any information about it.

It’s from A-ok and it works with Bluetooth. It does not work with homey. I have 2 different brands from Ali,

but works with a app called “blind engine”

Do you know of any alternative that does work with Homey?

as mentioned i unfortunately can’t mount the electrical motors since i have roller blinds Taped to the window frame (kunststof kozijn).

AXIS Gear, but the app has not yet been updated for firmware 5 and therefore does not work at the moment.

It has been updated… :slight_smile:

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I do like the Axis Gear from functionality point of view… anyone with a EU source where to buy them (avoiding the additional cost during shipment from the US)?

Same, but 100+ euro is still a thing for me.