Kaiser-Nienhaus Mercato Funk Roller Shutter Motors I can"t connect with Homey Pro?

Hello, I bought a Homey Pro and I have tried everything, but Homey Pro does not see my roller shutter motors. I have 10 pieces of the brand Kaiser - Nienhaus Mercato funk motors. I cannot get it installed. Is anyone who has a solution?

Probably there is no APP to connect Kaiser-Nienhaus tools to Homey Pro.
At least I could not find any.
Yes, Athom gives the impression that the homey pro can be connected to nearly any smart tools. That is true if someone already developped an APP or if you develop one by your own.
Unfortunately, I do not know, how to do it.

The frequency that Mercato is using is 433.92MHz

You can try other Apps that use the same frequency, maybe one of them is working.

Thanks for trying to find a solution.

Ah, that brought me to an idea, Jan
Brel uses 433.925MHz

@Joop_Tolkamp , you can give the Brel app a go.
But add the device called ‘Remote controlled’ to Homey, and with some luck, it can copy your original remote’s signals.

I can control Tuya curtain motors with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks I tried it doesn’t work.