Just bought a homey, coming from homee, hope don't regret it

just bought a homey,
I’m coming from homee, and I’m pissed from the quality
hope I don’t regret the move

Welcome to the community!

You ordered an Homey Pro?

Have you already checked the apps in the app store
For your devices?

What is the question?

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just a fear, that I will face the same problems
like z-wave sensors suddenly not working anymore
hue devices not working

There are worlds between homee and Homey. You switched from an average beginner system to the professional league. Take your time, the possibilities will overwhelm you in the beginning.


Homey is not “professional league”, not by a long shot. Homey is a nice toy though. It provides a relatively easy entry into home automation. It has its perks over OEM systems in that it removes vendor lock-in. But it is not “professional league”.

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But has has “Pro” in the name!? :wink:


A matter of taste or simply the possibilities not used or understood :shushing_face:. Compared to homee, Homey is a Mercedes and homee is a Dacia. That wouldn’t be a problem, but they both have almost the same price :scream:.

Than you’ve never worked with a real professional system.

But hey, let’s not go there - it’s a pretty useless discussion that leads nowhere. For most people, it will do what they want, and than some.


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hi Team
just migrated half of my homee to homey
and my first impression is great
homey is much faster
z-wave works smother
… so I don’t regret the move :slight_smile:

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I’ve never used a Homee… Funny how it sounds like the same name. Did they copy from Homey…?

While I’ve never used one of those it sounds like they are crap going by all the other comments…

That being said though, while Homey has “massive” potential… Massiveee …unfortunately no, it’s not professional …

Its frustrating. There are parts of the Homey platform that are absolutely brilliant and are way better than what all the other solutions are currently doing but it is basically a flawed Diamond (so to speak) with many downsides. It also needs to grow far more quickly. It needs to grow at ten times the rate it is right now.

I’ve been using Home Assistant the last 6 weeks. I didn’t know much about it before I got it. After now using it for 6 weeks and also watching about 20 hours of YouTube videos on it , (I hate to say this) it is on a whole different level to Homey…

The power of it is almost overwhelming…

Up until now the main complaint about HA has always been that it’s non user friendly, its just for advanced tech users , updates sometimes break things, and also that it had no mobile App or remote access and was more for tech hobbyists.

That’s all changing and it’s changing quickly at a rapid rate.

Over the last 18 months it’s almost turned into a different product. They now have full time dev’s working on it full time and it’s surging ahead in terms of eventually becoming useable by the general public… (Which is Homey’s core demographic) except that it has a ton more power, device support and features and growth…

The big problem with Athom is that they have evolved and elevated the Homey platform up to a certain level over the last 6 years but for some reason (since 2020) they have slowed right down to a snails pace and also don’t seem to be interested in fixing or improving existing issues and deficiencies.

Sure over the last two years we’ve now got automatic cloud backup (really should of had that years ago) and the new WebUi , but that’s about it. This took an entire two years for just that…

After years and years of begging by the community it took Athom 6 years to just allow for just basic viewing of live sensor data on the device tiles such as showing temperature. etc etc . (You all remember how long this took).

It’s nearly 2022 and Virtual devices is still buried in experiments…:roll_eyes:

At this rate it will take Athom 50 years to match the dashboard and visual interface that Home Assistant “currently” now offers.

Go look up “LoveLace” dashboard on YouTube. It will blow your mind away… .

The home automation scene is in a crazy, heated , and accelerated race to the top right now. Even Apple HomeKit and Amazon are rapidly getting more and powerful day by day.

You would be amazed at what they can now do the last two years. Even Apple now has some quiet powerful and advanced features for their Automation.

It’s a heated race. The first one to the line wins.

Athom just seem to be parked on the side of the road , asleep in the back seat of the car …

Homey… the beautiful resource just going to waste…

So much potential…

It does sadden me as I’ve personally put quiet a lot of time into my system .

I do it a little differently. Home Assistant is, as its name suggests for me, Homey’s assistant. Both are connected to MQTT and work together like one system. I also connected Conbee, Switchbot, Harmony Hub, LaMetric, Tuya and some other systems to my two Homeys. You shouldn’t tell me anything about a powerful system. The secret is to connect multiple systems and use the best of each component. I assume that Home Assistant on its own, nowhere near the performance of my system.
Everyone should do what they want.

I use that way of thought when I buy cordless power tools. I’ve found one manufacturer will do better garden tools, the other with does better garage tools etc etc .

Variety never hurts.

Mind you many people buy Homey Pro’s as they are marketed as being an all in one solution.

I bought my Homey as I didn’t want to have a complicated arrangement of multiple hubs.

For home automation the ultimate goal (ideally) is to just have one managed central controller. At least for mainstream users .