JSON parse question in advanced flows

Hi, I’m trying to parse a JSON object with a logica card (lees topic as JSON) and create a tag from it. This works fine, as long as there is no space in the to be parsed array. Tried everything by adding quotes, double quotes, … but no luck. It returns an error saying : Lexical error on line 1. Unrecognized text.
Any idea how to make this work ? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Could you provide an example of the JSON that is failing?

Sure. Here it is.


Don’t know if you can find the culprit with this tool?

Using this tool the parsing works correctly for the array (including the elements with spaces) but doesn’t show the parsing format itself. Furthermore I believe that JSON format can be specific to the tool i.e. Homey Logic in this case.
So was expecting someone else had run in this issue before.
Would there somewhere exist a format description of Homey logic in general ?

Try this:

$["Boiler timer"]

You can’t use spaces in property accessors when using dot notation.

Thanks Robert. This indeed works. Actually I believe I tried this format before (might have been with single quotes though) unsuccesfully, but this now works. Thanks again.

I would expect single quotes to work as well.