Jablotron AND smarthub for Homey connect

Anyone experience with Jablotron Smarthub directly connecting to Homey?

Have you tried? I‘m interested too😉

Nope; the current problem with domotica is, every vendor requires to use their own bridge/gateway. (What do you mean by open-standards). This becomes a very expensive exercise. Thereby - to take homey as an example- it relied on the effort of a community, (most) people who develop features during their spare time. So, it’s a very slow and unreliable process. Besides this particular example- which is an alarm system and should have some safeguards in an api- I’m waiting for years on features of other vendors which are still not available. And therefore I’m not going invest in another bridge.

I’m very interested. I have a Jablotron 100 with a number of PIRs and door/windows sensors. Like to use the sensors for other automation. Simple trigger message is in most cases enough.

I understand that Jablotron (cloud) can be linked to home assistant