iSmartAlarm devices, to be scrapped?

Hi there!

I have an “old” iSmartAlarm system, unused since 3-4 years. It’s composed by a Cubeone (the gateway, connected to the router by ETH), some contact sensors, movement sensors, 2 remote tags and an indoor siren. The communication protocol should be RF 868.3 MHz (EU version) and the system is managed by its App (and remote tags for arming/disarming).

Last year the support has been ceased ( and now also IFTTT removed the service.

There is some documentation on Github: Search · ismartalarm · GitHub.
My question: before scrapping all the system, is there a way to use at least the siren (since the sensors are outdated, I have several Aqara sensors working perfectly)?
It would be great, if easy and quick to manage…on the contrary, it will be more convenient to buy a new one!

Thank you in advance! Ciao :wave: