Honeywell Galaxy Flex Alarm(with ethernet module)

OK, first things short, I own a Honeywell Galaxy flex 3 alarm system (with optional ethernet module). Now i really want to do some basic stuff (arm/disarm/get status, etc). based on searches on the forum I believe this has not been done yet. So i’ve been harvesting some information.

The manual of the ethernet board

Based on the manual, the board “talks” SIA and Microtech protocol.

Searching the internet I found these resources
App1 (Crestron App Centre)
Home Assistent

I know it should be possible because the are 2 IOS that can do the same.
The vendor app.
a 3rd party app

I’m not a hardcore programmer myself but I can assist in the development of a Homey App. did anyone started developing such a app?

I have a similar Galaxy system, and fully support this request. Did do some checks on Internet but there does not appear to be a lot open and available.

I think Honewell does have some PC programs for system management and an API called WIN-PAK PE. Check It uses VC++.

I would have some serious concerns about how to keep your security setup hacker proof when using Homey. Is Homey communication using VPN? How to make sure a Homey add-in does not send pass codes to undesired recipients?

Hi Guy’s,

I own a Honeywell Galaxy which is a similar system. I have a basic integration between the alarm and Homey whereby I retrieve status (armed A/B, full alarm etc.) with the use of binary sensors. I do not use Homey for arm/disarm purposes for security reasons.

I have a really cool flow with the use of a Fibaro smartplug whereby I utilize the led ring of the smart plug to show status (red for armed, green for disarm) in the upstairs hallway. Especially usefull for our oldest daughter (5) so she knows when it is okay to go downstairs in the morning w/o triggering the alarm.

I have also integrated binary sensors in some PIR’s, so I can use the motion sensor to turn on some lights. On an alarm event Homey turns on all the lights in the entire house and garden, and gives a push notification on my iPhone.


@David_van_As can you explain how you connected these binary sensors?

I also have a Galaxy Flex with Ethernet module; upgraded from a Galaxy flex by myself.
Tried to connect a RS485 serial to ethernet module to read-out the serial data, but didn’t succeed so far.

I think the best option would be to create a SIA server on Homey to accept the same reports the panel sends to a security company. Example is the SIA alarm server made for the ioBroker platform:

Yes, the binary sensor path. I’ve been thinking about it but not yet tried it for 2 reasons:

  • I don’t know which ports it should be connected to.
  • The ethernet module supplies all needs I believe.

I understand the security concerns with arming/disarming the panel. for now alarm status would be sufficient.

I also have a KeyFob which sends a 868Mhz signal so if I can replay the signal it might works as well. I tried to capture the signal but I don’t seem to get some useful information.

So like I said main goal is the alarm status and create flows around that.

I could possibly help you with how to wire it up on your Honeywell PCB.

For the second option, I’d recommend using wireshark to capture the commands comming from the app rather then finding documentation to build it from the ground up.

  1. Lets assume we have a Galaxy Flex with working Ethernet connection.
  2. I have the Android Galaxy app that allows to arm/disarm and status checks, in fact it mimics the control panel so with the right codes you have full access through Android.
  3. I know the IP address on my router and the ports.

So I could run Wireshark and than use the Android panel app. It should log all traffic to the related IPS addresses. Highly likely the traffic is encrypted, otherwise it is really easy to hack - would make Galaxy Flex a laugh. This makes any log fairly useless IMHO.

David_van_As has made a clever solution, no sure how easy it is to implement as I read about soldering on the board? Though an option my preference would be to use the Ethernet.

BTW there muse be other remote access tools available as Galaxy Flex can send data to an external security company - though phone but I think also Ethernet. I have no knowledge on these options, is in the manual somewhere.

Still the question remains how to use that and if some (partial) Honeywell API is available to allow integration with home automation kit.

Could you draw a schema how you connected the binary sensors on the panel,. I found a the installation manual with schematic overview of the panel on page 12

Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply - I think my situation cannot be replicated easily, since I have a TouchCenter to control the binary sensors as well - therefore an additional relay PCB was required.

Wiring should not be rocket science. If you have spare ‘ports’ available on your Flex PCB, you can wire a binary sensor just like PIR’s are wired up. You could check the Fibaro manual where the wiring is explained in detail. Once you have wired it up let me know - and I can guide you through the installation process.

According to the Honeywell flex 3 Spec sheet it should support a API for 3rth party integration for building management systems. I have less experience with integration of api’s but a lot of experienxce with alarmsystems and a good connection within the Honeywell support devision.

If you can find or get a description of this API…
that would be a starting point…

I will search or ask for more information for the API

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I contacted Honeywell and told me there is a SIA4 protocol for integration
For integration on thirt party devices. They are not very easy with sharing any information
On this, because of security reasons. If I want the receive more information I have fill in a
Form with company information and the reason and purpose of the information and send this to high up the Honeywell tree

Like the image above show there are several sia levels (original for communicating to the
alarm receiving central).

sia level 3 is the most common and standardized protocol.
this is a one way protocol only from panel to receiver with most information like
wich section, wich zone, wich zonetype and the zonetext.

for example a burglar zone will only be send when the alarm is armed, not when it is disarmed.

sia level 4 is what I heard of honeywell there own protocol.
with two way communication. receiving messages send from the panel but also
send commands to the alarm panel. like omitting zone’s or trigger outputs or arming and disarming sections, this protocol also can monitor zone’s in disarmed state.

communicating by sia level 3 has a pro because the alarm system can not be manipulated for example omitting all zone’s by accident.

communicating by sia level 4 has a pro to be able omit zone’s or trigger lights by activated zone’s.

on the internet I found the following page:

this is a sia level 3 server to receive and acknowledge the messages
send from a (all brands that support sia level 3) alarm panel.
maybe this could be a good start for a universal app for all alarm panels.

for sia level 4 communicating the following parameters are needed:
this requires a continues polling to keep the connection open.
like said before winpak also uses sia level 4.
I have the possibility to get a trial winpak installation and a honeywell galaxy alarm panel working, but don’t know if that is useful to get some information to simulate the communication on a homey (winpak and galaxy are both honeywell products).

some direct information on the standardized sia level 3 protocol can be found on this site:

hope that this is useful for someone. I’m able to help or test it (with multiple brands of alarm panels)

Looks kinda promising to me, but i’m not a developer :laughing:

Dear ted,

Got some more information to receive api information is a difficulty
Honeywell will not give this information public.

But got some more information maybe this is usefully.

I also own a Galaxy Flex v3 and want to have notification from it on my Homey.
So I created an Homey app, where you can add a Galaxy v3 device and configure a tcp/port to listen to.
I configured my Flex to also send notifications to the Homey.

The idea is to support armed/disarmed triggers which can be used in flows.

And then got stuck… the data that is send by the Flex device does not seem like a valid SIA message. And yes I configured it in the Flex to be SIA and I also have the SIA DC-03 and SIA DC-09 specification documents.

The data I receive is (hex) 05 01 81 59 68. I send back a valid ACK response, but I do not think that this is the reply the Flex is expecting.

I think once I am past the first message it will send valid SIA, but I am not sure.

So any additional information regarding the communication protocol is welcome.

Should it be useful to get a wireshark trace of the communication
With a valid ACK of a alarm receiving central?

Also found a lot similar like your error on this site maybe also usefull

Aspeciale this part

A wireshark trace would be very helpful.
I also checked the other websites you mentioned. It seems like some sort of initial heartbeat you have to confirm before you receive the SIA messages. There was one who had slightly different hex number and managed to send a successful acknowledgement but with no luck. There was another guy who had exactly the same hex codes as I have, but there was no answer on his question.
So it would be nice to get a wireshark trace from the Galaxy, hopefully it makes sense.