Honeywell Galaxy Flex Alarm(with ethernet module)

I can make a wireshark trace but this would be somewhere
Within a couple of weeks do not (yet) own a flex.

You mentioned that you have a flex.
When you have connection with your panel by gx remote control.
You can go to the menu and notification and register your
Panel (and phone) to a Honeywell server for push notification.
Then you receive a IP address, port and a prom wich you
Can program in your flex. The flex supports communication
With more than one receiver.

I did some wiresharking myself and figured out what the response to the first message has to be in order to receive subsequent messages. However subsequent messages do not seem to be in the default SIA format (I still haven’t figured out what SIA format they use). So I need to play with it a bit more to understand. I first will start to disable the message encryption to see of the communication is more readable. But I do not have time to do it this week.

I’m searching for an reasonable priced second handelaren
System. So I can help you backtrace the communication
and look for possiblity’s to expand the communication
Like zone activity in disarmed mode or even 2 way
Communication like omitting zones or disarming

I switched off the encryption module of the Flex and now the communication makes sense.
I need to figure out how to decrypt encrypted communication but that can be done later.

The screenshot shows a test message from the Flex to the Homey.

So first part is getting, parsing and acting on the communication sent from the Flex.
Second part is getting the current state from the Flex (different communication).
Last part is support encrypted messages.

I will already be happy if the first part works and that arm/disarm/alarm messages can be used in flowcards.

My main goal is to arm my Blink outdoor cameras as soon as the alarm is armed and disarm them again when the alarm is switched off. Now I have to arm the outdoor cams manually.

That is a pretty good sign.

I’m also curious what happens when you
Let the alarm talks to the homey not by alarm
Receiver but by remote control.

They call it SIA4 and it can communicate with or
Without encryption. The pro is that the alarm also
Send zone status in disarmed mode.

Since today I’m also an owner of a galaxy flex3 with a083
I will program it as soon as possible so I can help testing.

If you are interested I can make a test with winpak
With communication on sia level. I think the outgoing
Notification are same as sia level 3(with the difference
It will also send in disarmed status) And the possibility
To omit, trigger outputs or disarm communicating on
Port 10001.
I can install a pc with winpak and setup communication
and trace with wireshark (if needed I can give you access to this pc)

Dear Stuart,

You are absolutly right port 10001 can only handle
One connection at a time.

The virtual RIO is a kind add on to the galaxy system

I would prefer to monitor all the inputs, outputs and sections
And preferably an virtual keypad ( so there always a way of programming remotely)

Both winpak as RSS has this same ability (mimic display and virtual keypad).

I have less programming skills but a lot of Honeywell experience,
So I hoped we all together can make one hell of an app

Hopegully with a mimic display kinda interface to activate flows by inputs, outputs and sections and A virtual keypad.

The push notification would then be handled by home
And maybe with for example clicksend an spoken message with
Zonenames and zonetype.

Hi Leon,

I have the same system in my house and would like to achieve similar goals. So far, I managed to setup a custom SIA receiver (receiver #2 for me, under menu 56.1.2) that delivers messages concerning autotest, arm, disarm, etc. However, it looks like it is not possible to configure zones to have both an “intruder” and “log” function, as to receive messages on zone activation and de-activation. Getting these messages would make the security system be usable for regular home automation tasks, like controlling lights, or heating.

Do you know of a way to receive these messages while the zone is configured with “intruder” function?

Thank you!

How did you accomplish this?

Can you receive messages at you homey such as armed status and burglary alarm?

I have some basics skills of programming ( mostly JavaScript and php) but a lot of experience with Honeywell products. So I can make some test sites to wireshark the communication protocols.

The only way I know to send a intruder zone is by alarm central wij sia4

Can you tell me how you receive the SIA notifications?

Any progress on this? @Leon_Rouwendaal @PieterN?

If someone is interested, I’ve built a module to take the galaxy information and send it to a MQTT broker.

If someone is willing to build a plugin for Homey, I am willing to send a module.

I’ve been playing around with the GalaxyGateway @Tjeerd made this weekend; connected it through the Ethernet module and RS485 to my Galaxy Flex alarm system and linked it to my MQTT broker on the NAS.

Working quite well and the response of Tjeerd on some questions / suggestions is really fast!

MQTT information as visible in MQTT-Explorer showing the state of the different zones, ability to control the output / groups and events (SAB RESET MANAGER):

With the MQTT Client app it is already possible to trigger based on the MQTT topic updates; in this case based on any update of zone 1003; but can be made more explicit off coarse.

I’ll look into building a app, using the MQTT client app API that will add alarm panel device and individual devices for the different zones (ie. PIR / sensors).

Would be cool to set the NIGHT SET of my alarm panel automatically based on a state of Homey and a unique sequence of last motion detected and unset it automatically when walking down again in the morning.

Is there already visibility when the app for the galaxy will be released with full functionality.

If there is still a developer interested in creating an app that connects directly to the alarm panel. I’m still willing to give access to my alarm system and the maintenance pc with software that can completely control the galaxy panel.