Is this a bug in homey (multilevel folders in flows)?

I use homey for some years now and it worked fine until a few days ago…

I started to reorganize the folders of the flows (not the flow them selves).

What i did was created folders with folders, so multilevel folders.
I first used only 1 level folder and placed all flows with a specific function in that folder (all flows of the bathroom in 1 folder etc).
Then i started to reorganize, so multiple levels in 1 folder, in the bathroom folder i created other folders with more specific functions regarding the flows related to the bathroom, for example 2 folder: ‘on’ and ‘off’ and place the flows in those sub folders (on flows in the ON folder etc).

But now the bug…

Now it seems several flows do not work anymore, the flow itself works when manual triggered but they are flows which are triggered by other flows (start flow, this flow is started), they are simple not started anymore.
I have this now with several flows which i moved into sub folders…

Is this a known issue or is there something else going wrong?

I also have sub folders. For one sub folder i have three levels and it also contains flows that start with WHEN this flow is started. So i think the problem has to be something else.

In the past i had some problems with the flows starting with WHEN this flow is started. Somehow when I renamed the flow or moved the flow it didn’t work anymore.

Manually starting those flows didn’t give a problem. As I remember i copied the flow, saved it, deleted the flow and renamed the copied flow into the original name.

I also picked the supposed flow to trigger again, just to be sure.

Sounds crazy, but it worked for me.

thx for the info and tip, gonna try that to do also.