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Is there any way to get the Nexa LEST-701 to work with Homey?

I have connected the Homey to LGDR-3500 outdoor unit. It’s a little bit hit and miss when Homey tryes to trigger it. I bought a LEST-701 range-extender to solve this. How can I get it to work? Is support gonig to be available?

Hi Johannes. I think a range extender wil work even without connected to homey. Its does what is says (people can correct me when iam wrong)

If you look at the app store you can see if its supported by the needed app, if not…. you need to make contact with the devolper of the app in this case Athom it self.

And because of athom cant read every single topic here on the forum, you should contact them directly wich is mentiond in the welcome post, or mention bram in your post.

also what you can do is go to the athom github, and ask for support there.

Hello again and thanks for the suggestion.
In the manual it says to pair the extender with trigger and source. Trigger=Homey and source=LGDR-3500.
I’ll try to get some answers to this some how.