Is it possible to turnon/turnoff device in Homey Pro 2023 using curl requests?


I’d like to be turn off / turn on devices in homey using curl from a linux box.
Can someone point me in the right direction?
Thank you.

Take a look at the logic When-flow card for webhooks. There’s also a short description there how it works.

It works when you execute
curl url

When you only use or want to use local webhooks, use this:
curl http://my_homey_ip/webhook?event=my_event&tag=my_tag
(Otherwise follow the hint by CaptainVoni (hover the (i) at the trigger card below))

This flow triggers:


As a ‘device_y on’ and ’ device_y off’ example:
curl http://my_homey_ip/webhook?event=device_y&tag=turn_on
curl http://my_homey_ip/webhook?event=device_y&tag=turn_off
But this will turn it off as well, while the tag doesn’t match ’ turn_on’…:
curl http://my_homey_ip/webhook?event=device_y

Screenshot from 2024-03-17 12-32-49

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