Is it possible to access Homey Pro 2019's micro-USB port as a serial port?


I was just wondering: Homey Pro 2019 has a micro-USB port at the bottom. To be able to control my EasyWave window coverings, I’ve purchased an Eldat USB transceiver. Physically, I would be able to connect the transceiver to Homey, using a micro-USB-2-USB adapter. However, will I be able to access it on Homey as a serial port using JavaScript? If so, that would greatly simplify developing a device/driver for EasyWave.

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No, that USB port is just an USB port, not an OTG USB port.

Hm, too bad.

Thanks for the quick response.

Actually it is an USB-OTG port but from Homey you will not be able to access the device.

That’s even worse! :joy: