Is it in the mean time safe to switch from 1.5 to 2.2 without issues?

So my question is in the titel: is it possible to make the switch from firmware 1.5 to 2.2 without disappointments? It is no problem if I need to do some re-configuration on flows etc as long as I am able to get Homey to work like it currently does. I would really appreciate if anybody is aware of certain issues with the apps I am using to let me know. I am using hese apps:

  • Better Logic
  • Candy
  • Fibaro
  • Email Versturen
  • Flow Backups
  • KlikAanKlikUIt
  • Nefit Easy
  • Netatmo
  • PaperTrails Logbook
  • Remotec Technologies
  • Soundboard
  • Virtuele Apparaten
  • Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee
  • Zend en ontvang SMS

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Well, that is a question which is very hard to answer. It all depends how you use your homey. And I don’t know all apps.

  • Better Logic has a new version and works. There are also extended native logics. So maybe you don’t need this one anymore.
  • Candy hasn’t been replaced. There are experimental poweruser functions to reboot apps and the entire system. But there are some features which don’t work anymore, for example starting all flows from a folder.
  • Fibaro works
  • E-mail versturen, i don’t know
  • KAKU works, it’s shit, but works :wink:
  • Nefit, don’t know
  • Netatmo, don’t know
  • PaperTrails work
  • Remotec, don’t know
  • Soundboard works
  • Virtual Devices works, is a experiemntal feature, be sure to turn it on.
  • Xiaomi works
  • Zend en ontvang SMS, don’t know.

There also is a dedicated topic which has an overview of every app which works and don’t on v2 firmware.

Tbh i think you should have switched ages ago because v3 is already coming.

Be sure to check to create new flows.

Before i forget; one major thing which has changed and potentially could impact your flows is the way the ‘then’ executes the various actions. It used to be top to bottom, now it tries to execute everything in the same time. So if you need the actions executed in a specific order, you should add delays to it. Same goes if you have lot’s of actions in the same “then”, you could experience issues due to the load on homey, also in this case you should add delays.

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Can also state the above apps

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Nefit seems to work too. It has a user review of version 3.3.0 which is only avail for v2 and the comment is “works as expected” with a 5 star rating. Should be pretty safe to assume it works.

Thanks all for your reply. That is valuable information for me. Anybody else with more information on whether I might encounter difficulties when upgrading to 2.2?