Is FIBARO coming up with Homey knockoff?

Look at the their twitt. What is coming from FIBARO? Anybody knows?

CES next week, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot of new home automation controllers.

They already have that, the Fibaro homecenter it’s called.

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Really great stuff! I am not talking about the hardware as this is kinda - well - childish playground - but in terms of software - awesome.
Seeing their interface and UI makes me cry when looking at Homey :frowning:

Maybe - one day - in version 3 or so, we will see an integration of latest UI experience and implementation of watches, Dashboards and useful stuff…


Im guessing you still havent updated your homey to v2? Because the new UI for homey is lightyear ahead of fibaro, with a few exceptions in functions.


I did. It’s absolutely great of course !
To me, smart home means to be smart on the background but on the foreground. I appreciate the work the guys do, totally.

However - seeing the interface besides all the new devices and with the possibilities on the website (at least there) I feel like missing a clear dashboard is still a very big issue.


Would be good if there was demo or video review somewhere.

I have a Fibaro and it’s phone UI was indeed years behind Homey 1.x, with the exception that it worked.

The desktop/web interface is old fashioned in terms of visual design but light years ahead of homey in respect of being out-of the box ready to have a simple interface for things like alarm and heating scheduling - no convoluted flows and 3rd party goodwill needed.

Maybe we’re not talking about the same;
This is the latest development by Fibaro; which I feel like being very awesome:

This is how they say they did it:

We took advantage of 8 years experience of a team of experts that developed the previous FIBARO smart home mobile app. We took all the needs of our users and collaborated with a group of more than 1000 power users. Thanks to the voices of the FIBARO community, we have prepared hundreds of mock-ups to outperform already available apps. Thanks to that, our app is second to none.

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I completely agree that fibaro is more stable, and a more worked through system, no doubt.

But, they have also worked on it for A LOT longer then athom has. So in my opinion they are talking and selling in the new fibaro app as a bigger update than it really is, and therefore acts somehow cowardly as they as well within their «comfortzone».

But again, it is a solid system but imo lacks a bunch of integrations.

Adding to that: they have a much smaller eco-system what is supported…

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Light years smaller! I experienced that.

The app and site look amazing…

but remember this… if you knew nothing about Homey… you would think the screenshots for Homey v2 App and the website make it look amazing…

Sadly these companies know all to well we will fall for it and just be beta testers for them

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Yeah it’s great. It’s what we in Strategy call „professional“. :wink:
8 years ago - the landscape of smart home was barely existing. Fibaro had time to develop.
Today this market is already just a substitutional one, that won’t give any product some years to develop.

What Konrad says is true. The reason I’m here is all my Aeotec sensors and Yale door lock drained batteries in a few days with my Fibaro HC2. I got suckered into the idea that Homey would be better because of the wildly exaggerated claims of what Homey “works” with, and it’s prettier website, only to learn that it ‘works’ much less easily with basic things than Fibaro.