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I installed ios 16.2 and all my devices in apple home stopped working, I deleted homey from apple home and installed it again, again nothing works, anyone have a solution?

First: try to pick a better title for your post next time, because it’s not exactly clear what your problem is from this title :sweat_smile:

Then, if you happen to be using HomeyKit, see these remarks about the changes in iOS 16.2.

And lastly: if you install beta versions of software, things can break, so be careful.


Or edit your title to a meaningful one.

Can you help me? I have fibaro sensors and blinds in apple home, everything worked great in apple home until I switched to apple Experiments, now the blinds no longer show me as blinds but as a switch, and the door sensor when I want to create automation assumes that it is a motion sensor, a sensor my temperature sensor is flooding… so is the fire sensor, they are useless to me in apple home.

How did you have your devices in Home in the first place?

The Apple experiment is a very minimal HomeKit implementation, there are (if I may say so myself) much better alternatives, like HomeKitty.

Before this, I had all my devices in apple home through homey 20020200. Before this, all the
sensors read the temperature and whether the door was open, all my blinds worked, and now when I switched to 11122333, none of that works, all the sensors they show as motion sensors, even the fire and flood sensor, the blinds show as a switch, I can’t raise them or lower them, I wouldn’t even go back to 11122333 if all the lights didn’t show me that they were on when in fact they were off or vice versa, and it all started at the end of December when they introduced the Apple Home Experiment.

So if everything worked, why did you switch?

The HomeKit experiment has existed for quite some time already (years).

I switched only because at the end of December it started giving me errors, instead of the light being on in apple home it showed that it was off, when the blinds were closed it showed me that they were open. I went back to 20020200 3 times and reinstalled everything, but it still shows the same thing.

Again, I would suggest taking a look at HomeKitty.

Thank you very much! I installed homekitty, everything works perfectly now, I didn’t even know homekitty existed.

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I use the homekitty app, I have over 30 Fibaro devices in Apple home, every time Homey performs new updates or my power goes out, all my Fibaro devices stop working in Apple home, I have to reset homekitty to delete from Apple home bridge and everything again I’m installing. Is there any option to prevent this from happening to me?

See the third point here.