Fibaro Wallplugg in Homeykit?


Yesterday I decieded to finally start using Homeykit that I installed a long time ago.
The bulbs from Philips Hue works perfect but not the IKEA bulbs or Fibaro Wallplugg.
I have a guess why IKEA not working and that is because I imported groups to Homey and not single bulbs. I will try to correct this soon.

But does anyone have an idea why Fibaro Wallplug not is working? In Homeykit it just says “unknown”. I know wallplugs works for others.


So it does get exported over Homekit? Where exactly does it show “unknown”? Can you post a screenshot?

Now it works. One or two days after it just started to work.

But I have another question. Yesterday when I woke up all units except one or two had vanished from Homekit. I restarted the app in Homey and it all came back but in a “new” setup in Homekit. With that I mean that nothing was paired, asigned to a room or had the names I had given to them in Homekit before. Do you know what could had happend? One time is no time but if it repeats I’m afraid that I will stop using Homeykit. But I really like the app otherwise.


Unfortunately, that will happen with other Homekit implementations as well. There is a well-known race condition in the implementation in the Homekit protocol where when a “home” is presented to iOS that isn’t yet populated (no devices/services are yet present at the time when iOS contacts the Homekit controller), it will think it’s dealing with a new home and it will remove any existing setup/configuration.

Homeykit tries to deal with this by waiting for all devices to “settle” before it announces itself to iOS, but that doesn’t always work and iOS decides that it’s dealing with a new home. It’s a shortcoming of the iOS implementation and completely unnecessary, but only Apple can fix it.