iOS app zone bug (iPhone&iPad)

I’ve been experiencing issues with the app for a while.

When I want to move an accessory from a zone to an other, app do not show all zones. (It’s not about the zone hierarchy, I’ve double checked)

While creating flows this issue is more annoying. I can’t choose accessories from zones what app do not show.

While the zones are well defined and can be found under the app device section. I experience this since FW7.15.

Since iOS15 home/away detection works absolutely random. Some times yes, some times not… (can be found in other thread) These bugs are ruining the user experience a lot…

Does anyone else experience this? (Missing Zones)

(iOS app: 6.9.2 Homey FW: 7.15)

This is the structure:

This is what I can see during flow edit:

Same here, sometimes the screen update takes a few seconds to show all zones.