iOS 12.2 - HomeKit support for smart TV

With iOS 12.2, Apple added support for HomeKit for select TV’s.
I would love to add my LG TV (2018) to the Home app and I am wondering if this is something that could be done using Homey. I have found a guide to add it via HomeBridge, but would be awesome if I could add it straight through Homey.

@robertklep Maybe you know something about it:)? I really appreciate the work you are doing for the community!

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There’s already a feature request on Github for this:

Looking at the page you’re linking too, it does look like it requires specific implementations for each TV model that should be supported, which is going to be really difficult to implement in the “generic” way that Homeykit works.

Thanks for your quick reply!
Sorry for missing the Github ticket! Following that now:)
Aa, I see! Yes, that does make it tricky!
Let me know If I could be of any help in the future.