Insteon support

Insteon is a brand a lot of people here may not have come across. It is actually one of the oldest ‘smart’ lighting solutions being that it originally dates back to X10! (It is also predominantly American like sadly almost all smart light switch solutions.)

Insteon in more recent years have also done an appallingly bad job at marketing themselves.

You might therefore wonder why I have any interest in them. Well they do have some of their product range available in Europe, in particular they have both relays and dimmers very similar to the Fibaro ones so like Fibaro they are not themselves wired wall switches but modules that can be used to provide smart wired wall switches. Unlike however any other brand I am aware of they also have plug-in sockets able to control desk lights either as simple on/off or and this is the unique bit dimmable. They were also for a period selling a HomeKit compatible hub. (I am hoping they will release a new HomeKit compatible hub.)

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I would like to have a solution that supports in theory all three smart assistant platforms i.e. Alexa, Google and Siri hence the interest in Insteon over Fibaro.

Now Smartthings which is what I currently use does support Insteon but I have so far not found any mention of Insteon support (via the Insteon Hub) for Homey. I am interested in switching from Smartthings to Homey.

Does anyone know of any existing Insteon support for Homey?
If not would anyone be able to create an ‘app’ to provide such support?

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Nice “short” story to ask for support of a brand, if there is an app in the app store, then it is supported.

If not you can add it into this community app request topic, please follow the layout given in the first post.
Or ask Athom via there support lines, and they will add it if there is enough interest in the brand.

To keep the forum clean I’m going to close this topic, if you disagree with this decision feel free to contact me or any other Moderator.