Insights power meter device seems to do reset itself?

Hi all,

I never really used the insights function into Homey because only few devices was concerned. Now I added more of them and I’m reconsidering this functionality.

After a quick check I’ve seen that some of them was reset by itself.
I’ve check my flow and no one are touching these values. If you take a look at the screenshot we can see two different devices was in use and the graph fall to zero. After that the measure continue a few day and then drop again.

Connected device is Devolo Smart metering Plug. Not sure the device is faulty because an other one is running without any problem.
I cannot see any option on the settings related to reset or reboot.

Is there a way to track what happen ?
Or maybe, is this a trick to avoid this ?

My actual idea is to measure how many time the device is used and calculate by myself (I mean with script) the energy. If you have any idea of cleaner solution ?

Don’t know if it’s a „cleaner“ solution, but it’s a other solution.

Regarding the Devolo Smart Meter I have no idea, sorry.