Innr Smartplug SP-120

I have 2 innr plugs on the ground level, working just fine. Powermetering and flows are working perfect.
On the other hand: I have a SP120 in the cellar for controlling my washing machine. Every time I start the washing machine, after a few minutes, the plug puts itself in red (off). Not sure what it is, but pretty annoying. I have the idea that when there’s too much wattage (2130W), it shuts off… any ideas ?

For the same with my tumble dryer. I think it Will go above 2300 W (

Just like you said, probably a too high power usage. Had the same last week because my wife chose a high temperature program instead of the normal one. In Homey insights you could see a short peak above 2100 watt. For now I told her to use a different program till I swap them for Fibaro plugs which will do 2500 watt.