Initializing a new setup

Hi all,

We recently bought a house and because we have some electricity works ahead we would like to install smart home devices. After lots of reading and rejecting Loxone Air, i found Fibaro.
After that i found Fibaro in combination with Homey and it sounded like heaven because of all possible connections :smile:.

Things i want to use:

  • Roller shutter (Fibaro)
  • Build in dimmers in living room (Fibaro)
  • Motion sensors (Fibaro + Neo Coolcam + Aqara, depending of room)
  • Smoke sensor (Fibaro, because of small design and in combination with alarm sound)
  • Smart thermostat (Fibaro)
  • Switch behind wall outlet at some places to monitor usage and to completely shut off electricity.
  • some smart devices i already own, for example: Xiaomi Vacuum.

Now i’m looking for some more info regarding the following:

  • In another post someone told me about Shelly devices.
    Does anyone have experience with this?

  • Speakers
    I like the Harman Kardon Citation speaker series.
    Unfortunately i can’t find info if they can be connected, because of a missing app?
    Is there any way to connect the HK citation speakers? They have built in Google assistant and Google chromecast, don’t know if this helps :stuck_out_tongue:
    But i can’t find the info i’m looking for.

  • Third thing i’m looking to add are camera’s inside and outside.
    For inside i’m looking for cameras that start recording when alarm is activated and motion is detected.
    For outside i’m looking for cameras that start recording when motion is detected (all day).

Do you guys have some recommendations?