Impossible to add my Xiaomi gateway v3


I have tried to connect my Xiaomi gateway V3 to both apps “Xiaomi Mie Home” (the one in appstore) and “Mi Homey” (installed through CLI-method). But no success.
I have been able to find the token - but using the generate passoword-method in the apps does not work.
The process run but in the end I don’t have the password (capture enclosed)
I saw a lot of discussions about this problem but some are really old.
Maybe someone found a solution?

Thanks in advance !

What is the MAC adress of your gateway?


This is the Mac : 64:90:C1:7A:20:FD

That is good news…

Yes and no, cause in the end I still don’t know what is the problem / solution :wink:

click on the “Mi Homey” link above, there is the answer.