Ikea Tretakt power usage

Hi everyone,

Has anyone bought the Ikea Tretakt power plug and if so, does it monitor your power consumption?
I think it’s quiet a good alternative to the expensive alternatives. I mean €12.99 (in the Netherlands) for a smart plug with remote control is quiet a bargain if you ask me.

I can’t find it an answer on the world wide web (or I’m just not reading properly…)

Thanks in advance!

According to the zigbee2mqtt database, it doesn’t support power monitoring, and this Dutch article explicitly states it isn’t supported either: “De slimme stekker geeft helaas geen inzicht in het stroomverbruik van het apparaat, wat met sommige concurrenten wel mogelijk is.” ("Unfortunately, the smart plug does not provide insight into the power consumption of the device, which is possible with some competitors.")

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There is also no information on the IKEA web site or in the manual that the plug can measure the power.

Thanks @robertklep @DirkG !