The great HOW MUCH does it use! thread

okay so i started today with our GREAT new addition and found out we have to manually input al the power consumptions of a lot of the devices…

so i though why not help each other out with the result of some of the devices.

for a standard format i would think
brand - type - off state power - on state power - measured or from specs - optional comment

Ikea tradfri - Led-lamp GU10 400 lumen dimmable (New model) - 0,5W - 5W - Specs
Ikea tradfri - Driver for wireless control 10W model - 0,3W - 5W - Specs
Ikea tradfri - plug-in Wallplug - 0,3W - 0,3W - Specs - Smart to also measure plugged in device for on state
Ikea tradfri - Led-lamp E27 1000lm Tunable - 0,5W - 11W - Specs
Ikea tradfri - Led-lamp E14 400lm Tunable - 0,5W - 5,3W - Specs
Google - Chromecast - 1,3W - Specs - only has an constant energy use took an average of 1,3 internet says between 1 and 1,8 while casting
Broadlink - RM mini - 0,85W

hope it helps some people

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General feedback. Many apps are being prepared for Homey Energy, but are released as Beta version. Like with the Ikea Tradfri app…

The beta version of this app has the load levels embedded in the app for all devices. No need to add them manually if you have the BETA version installed.

okay then that i did not know! i will try it out now!

But with IKEA bulbs connected through the HUE app that won’t work, right?