IKEA Trådfri smart-curtains (FYRTUR and KADRILJ)

If you have the exact (german) standard windows it should be doable. It is a very tiny market for such a big company. Length i mean width, sorry for the confusion.

I think it is possible with some handywork to get it to fit. Lets wait for a pioneer!


Just got my curtins today. and it would be awesome to get it integrated into the Trådfri app for homey! :slight_smile: looking forward to it.

I think this is very easy to cut to length with the right equipment


It is easy to shorten the Ikea smart blinds! See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL6LPZZoFlo
Hopefully it’s integrated in homey fast :slight_smile:


As expected. I really tried to figure out why IKEA would claim it was impossible. Seems almost as easy as shortening their other curtains.

Now we just have to wait for their 160cm-version, because my window is too wide for the current widest curtain.

Do you know if there will be a 160 version?

No, not at all, just wishful thinking.

When supported in Homey


It is possible to cut them to length:


Yeah! Now only hope for homey integration! Already requested device support :slight_smile:

But why would you want to cut them? You can just calibrate the curtain so it stops at a desired point…

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It’s about adjusting the width, not the length.

Haha of course… I think I need some vacation time :grimacing:

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The blinds are installed (Fyrtur 140x195) and can be controlled via the remote control.
I have requested device support for the Fyrtur in the Ikea app.

Thank you for sharing you latest purchase.
Did you try any of the other available apps for blinds? Like the one for the BREL motors?

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These are working pretty much already in Home Assistant… come on Athom you need to be more reactive - particularly with a EU supplier who has made known their launch intentions for over 6 months.

We’ve been requesting device support for that long… having it at launch is a great marketing coup.

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No, I haven’t tried the BREL app. I don’t think any app than the Ikea app will work if I don’t have the Ikea hub?

Let’s try.

Just did, without results. Nothing found by the Brel app.
Do you have any other suggestions?

Even if you have an IKEA hub it won’t work, because the hub app doesn’t support these devices either. And apps for brand X almost never work for devices of brand Y.